It is summertime here in Europe! Maybe one of the craziest summers ever, we will see what August will bring.. The lake is already at 25 degrees and there is no bigger change on the horizon.

That being said, July was also a very busy month. After the Eurotour at Scharbeutz I started my training program for the 11 City Tour coming up in September. At the same time we had a lot of courses at the school and the club to forge the next generation of paddlers.

Crowning all this, the SUP Tour Schweiz Race in Nidau took place on the 29th. 

The race was a tough one in the summerheat on a course that was mostly protected from any little wind. The new 2019 strike in 14’x21.5″ performed great on both the choppy parts on the lake and the dead flat stretches of the canals.

After a long head to head fight with Peter Tritten I managed to pull away on the last meters to secure another win and some important points for the final ranking of the tour.

Next up on August 5th we will have my home race here in Zurich. Really looking forward to competing here where I train and work all the time. Hope to see some of you there!

Euro Tour Adventures

The first part of the season is over and so is the Eurotour. I had the opportunity to paricipate in the first two stops of the Eurotour in Zandvoort and Namur and the second but last in Scharbeutz. It was an amazing experience to see how the level of competition is still rising from year to year.

In Zandvoort the conditions were a lot flatter than usual. I managed to finish the Eurotour beachrace in 19th and the distance race in 16th. Both with a lot less time lost to the lead than the last years on the Eurotour. Namur on the other hand was not my race this year. With bad luck at a buoy I lost the main draft in the first lap and never managed to catch back up, in the end I was still able to finish just out of the top 20.

The Race in Scharbeutz was one of the most interesting and fun races to paddle. Small downwind conditions made it a really fun up/downwind race. Even though I lack the experience in these conditions I managed to hold on to a decent place and finish in 36th place.

Now after my Eurotour races for this year in the book I will focus on the preparation for the 11 City Tour in September.

Pre Season Training and ICE Race Hattrick

Welcome to another “I am so sorry I neglected my blog for so long” apology. Yes, I promised regular updates and yes, the last post was in february. I am sorry about that.

That said: a lot happened since the last post. First I concluded my second part of winter training with a journey to Amsterdam to pick up the flatwater prototype:

And then I went back to Brittany for the first two races of the season: The Swell Beach Race at Pors Ar Vag and the Kelt Ocean Race in Douarnenez.

Both races went quite well seen my lack of experience in beach races and downwinders. I managed do finish 2nd 12’6 (6th overall) at the swell beach race and 10th overall at the Kelt Ocean Race. The Kelt Ocean Race was nevertheless a humbling experience, showing me that I will have to do a lot of ocean racing if i want to be able to keep up with the really fast guys.

In the two additional weeks of training in Giverola we had kind of the weather you would expect from Brittany. Really bad chop on the ocean and rainstorms.

But we made the best of it and went to paddle the rowing lake of Banyoles, quite illegally as we were told afterwards by a local.

Back in Switzerland it was time for the huge ICE Race, first race of the Swiss season and with 18 kilometers one of the longest.

The weather delivered and we were able to paddle the astonishing course in best spring weather. I am honoured to be able to win this race for the third time this year, especially that I managed to go even faster than last year. Big thanks also to the guys at Fanatic for letting me race the new flatwater Strike prototype (14′ x 21.5″), my time of 1h46min (9.8km/h) would not have been possible with another board.

So, next stops are going to be the two Eurotour races in Zandvoort and Namur. Looking forward to those and the whole of the upcoming season!

Fitness Exercises for Paddlers (3/3)

And finally part three of the mini series on fitness exercises: Strength exercises.

Big thanks to Alexander Stertzik for filming and organising and Fitness Private Areas Konstanz for letting us use their studio!


Fitness Exercises for Paddlers (2/3)

Here comes part two of my series on fitness exercises on paddlers: core and shoulder strength:

Core and shoulder strength play a huge role in your stand up paddle performance. Included in this video are seven exercises for you to prepare for the coming

Big thanks to Alexander Stertzik for filming and organising and Fitness Private Areas Konstanz for letting us use their studio! /

Find part one here:



Fitness Exercises for Paddlers (1/3)

I am stoked to finally be able to publish this. In January I went to Constance to film a series of three videos with Alexander Stertzik about fitness exercises for paddlers. So here comes the first part: ideas for your mobility and warmup routines.

The video is in german, but it is pretty self-explaining, even when you don’t understand it.

Downwind Capital of Europe – Bretagne January

I had the luck to spend most of my January in Douarnenez, Brittany. The weather answered and we had some really amazing downwind runs. I even got to take my GoPro Fusion on one of the runs, to make what seems to be the first ever 360 VR Video of Downwind paddling, enjoy:

The conditions for my preparations for this years Eurotour and all the other races were ideal, whereas the conditions for taking pictures and filming were absolutely not. Most of the time the weather was really cloudy, leaving us with mostly gray and dark pictures.

Or even worse, we had a lot of rain (most of the time horizontal) which made it impossible to film. Something like that:

But I still had a lot of fun, and the training was amazing. Next try soon!


December 2017 recap

Finally! I had time to edit all the footage I filmed during this last month:

My December was full of training, university lectures and preparations for the three month of training in France, where I will be headed in January. Next post will be from Douarnenez, Bretagne.

I wish you all a happy 2018!