EUROTOUR Namur & Villefranche

I started my season with the first two Eurotour Grand Slam races in Belgium and France. In Namur we had rather cold and windy conditions compared to the last years. The race was tough due to the extended upwind/upcurrent parts. During the second lap I lost the front pack, during the rest of the race I fought to not get caught by the following athletes. In the end I defended my 7th place in a sprint to the finish line against Pete and Kjell.

For the second race the Mediterranean welcomed us with splendid conditions for a race: Light wind, small swell and the usual mediterranean chop. The course was one of the most fun ones I ever paddled. It had it all in a short 9km: upwind, downwind, sidewind, flat, turns… Considering the quality of the field I am really happy with my 24th place in that one.

Next up is the first race of the Swiss tour: Ermatingen.

The epic GlaGla Race in France

Well that was an epic weekend!

I participated in the first stop of the Alpine Lakes Tour and the Paddle League 2019. We had the most perfect weather conditions imaginable for mid January.  On raceday we had sunshine, no wind and just above zero degrees Celsius.

The distance race went pretty well for me, although I lost the front pack after the first turning buoy. In the end I managed to pull away from the second draft for the last three Kilometers to the finish line for a 12th place.

In the technical race – funny to do beachruns in those temperatures – I managed to secure a solid 8th place.

All in all I am very happy with my results and eager to start the next phase of training, stretching from now to the first race of the EuroTour in Namur, Belgium.

See the video below for some impressions of the race weekend =)

One Week to GlaGla

In less than a week I will participate at the first major race of this year, the GlaGla race of the Alpine Lakes Tour in France. To conclude my training I participated at the training race in Eglisau, organised by the local dragonboat club ( The race is held once a month during winter, as a means to keep track of your fitness. The course is 7km upstream and then the same back down, what makes it really technical on the way up, as you have to navigate really close to the shore to avoid the current.

My time was not the best ever, but we had some wind at the turning point which slowed the way back quite a bit down. All in all I am happy with the race and I am looking forward to competing on Saturday!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you my friends! I hope you can all enjoy the holidays with your families and loved ones. On time for Christmas you can watch my latest training vlog here:

I am really grateful for all the support that I have received from all of you during this amazing season. Now it is time to look ahead and plan the 2019 races. First race will sure be the GlaGla Race of the Alpine Lakes Tour,  and then as a first race during the regular season the Eurotour stop in Namur, Belgium. After that everything remains rather open until now, as I have to decide how many Eurotour races I will be able to do and how I will figure out the logistics of it.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon!

And I wish you all a happy new year, knowing that I will not be able to do another blog post before then 😉

ISA Worlds China Update

Made it to China!

Important update first: The schedule of the whole event has been changed, now the surfing disciplines are first due to the good wave conditions, and the racing disciplines have been pushed back to end of the event. This also means that I am going to do the sprint racing, because Andy will be on his way back to Australia for the King of the Cut. So the updated schedule is as follows:

27th/28th Technical Races (precise times to follow, multiple heats)

30th Sprint Races (precise times to follow, multiple heats)

1st of December Distance Race, around 9-10am local time

I will try to find out the exact starting times of the races as soon as possible,

The conditions here are currently perfect for some beachrace trainings, especially with perfect waves coming through to get some in and out practice. Forecasts say the conditions will get somewhat smaller until the first day of the tech race.

ISA SUP World Championship – Pre Travel Update

Today is the big day, I will be flying from Zurich via Amsterdam and Peking to Sanya!

Here is a provisional schedules of my activities at the event:

Friday 23rd of November: Opening Ceremony

Sunday 25th of November: Long Distance Race

Tuesday 27th of November to Sunday 2nd of December Technical Races according to conditions.

All the schedules and information can be found at including livestreams of all events.

I also want to send out another huge thank you to everyone who has donated to my crowdfunding campaign. You are amazing! Donating will still be possible until the end of the worlds. Here again the link: I believe in you Campaign


SUP Worlds China Crowdfunding

[English version below]

Liebe Freunde und Unterstützer,

seit wenigen Tagen läuft mein Spendenaufruf für meine Reise und den Materialtransport an die Standuppaddleweltmeisterschaft in China. Das Mindestziel ist schon geknackt worden, ich bin überwältigt. Vielen Dank an alle, die schon gespendet haben!

I believe in you Kampagne

Das Minimum ist erreicht, das heisst die Reise ist erst mal gesichert. Da wir uns jedoch als junge Sportart noch selbst finanzieren müssen und nicht auf die Unterstützung von einem grossen Verband zählen können bin ich trotzdem um jede weitere Unterstützung dankbar.  Neben den Transportkosten für das Material, die durch das Minimum gedeckt sind, stehen noch Flug, Hotel, Verpflegung, Meldegelder und vieles weiteres an, je mehr Unterstützung ich von Euch bekomme umso mehr bleibt am Ende auch für die Vorbereitung der Saison 2019 übrig. Helft mir also diesen Sport weiter auf einem spannenden Niveau betreiben zu können, spendet, teilt den Link und erzählt es in eurem Freundeskreis weiter!



Dear friends and supporters,

since a few days ago, my crowdfunding campaign to finance the travel and transport costs to the ISA sup world championships in China is online. We already reached the minimum funding to make my trip possible. I am proud and thankful for that!

I believe in you campaign

The minimum being reached means that there is a lot more that can be done: there is still costs for my flight, housing, food and much more to be paid for. And the more support I can get from you now means more flexibility to continue training for the 2019 season after the worlds in China. So I am counting on you to be able to continue competing in this sport on an interesting level. Support me, share the link to the campaign and tell your friends!


Euro Tour Adventures

The first part of the season is over and so is the Eurotour. I had the opportunity to paricipate in the first two stops of the Eurotour in Zandvoort and Namur and the second but last in Scharbeutz. It was an amazing experience to see how the level of competition is still rising from year to year.

In Zandvoort the conditions were a lot flatter than usual. I managed to finish the Eurotour beachrace in 19th and the distance race in 16th. Both with a lot less time lost to the lead than the last years on the Eurotour. Namur on the other hand was not my race this year. With bad luck at a buoy I lost the main draft in the first lap and never managed to catch back up, in the end I was still able to finish just out of the top 20.

The Race in Scharbeutz was one of the most interesting and fun races to paddle. Small downwind conditions made it a really fun up/downwind race. Even though I lack the experience in these conditions I managed to hold on to a decent place and finish in 36th place.

Now after my Eurotour races for this year in the book I will focus on the preparation for the 11 City Tour in September.