Global Science Film Festival


I am very excited to announce that our short film we produced during the Filmmaking Marathon will be shown during the Global Science Film Festival. “Connectivity” will be displayed Sunday the 17th of November at 19:15 at the Filmpodium in Zurich.

For the Filmmaking Marathon we wanted to do a short movie about the general topic of the 2000W Society and what every citizen can do. Connectivity is the story of several protagonists in daily life situations. They take daily life decisions which are connected in a way to the availability of resources, recycling, and energy management.

In addition to all the Films the Award Ceremony of the Photomarathon by the Global Science Film Festival will take place on Saturday 16th of November at 11:00.

You can find the full schedule of the festival here: GSFF 2019 FULL PROGRAM ENG

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