ISA Worlds China Update

Made it to China!

Important update first: The schedule of the whole event has been changed, now the surfing disciplines are first due to the good wave conditions, and the racing disciplines have been pushed back to end of the event. This also means that I am going to do the sprint racing, because Andy will be on his way back to Australia for the King of the Cut. So the updated schedule is as follows:

27th/28th Technical Races (precise times to follow, multiple heats)

30th Sprint Races (precise times to follow, multiple heats)

1st of December Distance Race, around 9-10am local time

I will try to find out the exact starting times of the races as soon as possible,

The conditions here are currently perfect for some beachrace trainings, especially with perfect waves coming through to get some in and out practice. Forecasts say the conditions will get somewhat smaller until the first day of the tech race.

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